Change the order products are listed in a category

All category pages list their products in alphabetical order by default. If you want to change the order, you can do so by giving each product in your category an order number. To do this: From the Admin Go to “Products” > “Browse Products” > Select the category that the

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Create & edit product options

This tutorial requires that you are logged in to your website as an administrator. To edit a product’s options you can do this either through the admin console, or from the front of your website using the admin bar at the top of the browser when you’re viewing the pages.

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SHOP SETUP: Sell to more countries in your shop

You are able to choose which countries you with to sell to in your eComMetrix shop and what currencies you would like to offer payment in. This tutorial will cover how to: Add a new country to your shop so that it is available at the Cart Checkout as a

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CONTACTS: Exporting contacts from Commerce

If you would like to export the contact details of your customers from your Commerce Shopping Cart in your admin panel go to : Shop > Contacts If you would like to get a list of everyone who has ever purchased from you click on “All Contacts” on this page

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SHIPPING: Set up shipping rules based on Weight & Location

In this video we will learn how to configure your Commerce Website so that the cost of shipping changes based on: The weight of an order The delivery postcode of an order Download an excel spreadsheet of Australian Postcodes here. To begin to configure your site’s shipping rules you need

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Export your shop products to CSV

Learn how to export your products from the admin into an excel file for bulk editing. Note: The fields you always need when you will reimport the modified data are ID and Name

Creating a category and linking a product (video)

SHIPPING: Setup standard shipping and a shipping rule

In this video we setup a website flat rate of $10.00 for shipping and add one rule in. The rule is that if the total price of an order is equal to or greater than $125, the cost of shipping is free.

Add a new product to your website (video)

In this video we show you how to add a product to a category in your website.

CONTENT: Link a PDF or file to content in your web page

Highlight the text you want to be a link and click on the “Insert Link” icon… Open up the “File Browser” by clicking on the folder with a magnifying glass on it. Click the “Upload File” tab.   Browse to the file on your computer and click the “Upload+” button.

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