Why eComMetrix Commerce?

The most important thing you need in a commerce website is a website that converts your visitors into sales! The eComMetrix Commerce Website Platform has been designed with Conversion Rates as the number 1 priority.

Step 1 – Your website will be found

Your site needs to be able to be found! Therefore the Commerce Website platform allows you to:

  • Implement Search Engine Optimisation techniques such as Search Engine Friendly URLs, Keyword and Description META tags and Custom TITLE tags per each Product, Category and Content Page in your website.
  • Generate automatic data feeds to such online commerce directories as ShopBot, ShopMania and GetPrice
  • Automatically generate Google Sitemaps for all your pages with in your website

Step 2 – Converts shopping carts to sales

Once your commerce website is found, it’s important that it’s easy to use and generates the highest amount of sales possible. The eComMetrix Commerce Website Platform has been built with conversion rates in mind. A 1 Step Checkout to Payment process ensures minimal bail out opportunities for each shopping cart and maximum sales for you!

Step 3 – Easy setup

The Commerce Website Platform is a hosted application so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel! Don’t wait for your website to be custom built by developers for months! Have your site up and running straight away as the platform to run your website is already there!

The eComMetrix Commerce platform allows you as the shop keeper full, maximum and flexible control of your website. Easily update category pages, add and edit products within the store, change prices and descriptions.

Step 4 – Talk to us!

The eComMetrix Commerce platform sure is packed full of excellent features! Talk to us to determine whether an eComMetrix Commerce Website will suit your online selling requirements!

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