Create & edit product options

This tutorial requires that you are logged in to your website as an administrator.

To edit a product’s options you can do this either through the admin console, or from the front of your website using the admin bar at the top of the browser when you’re viewing the pages.

Via the admin

– go to “Products” > “Manage Products”
– use the search form to search for the product you wish to edit

– Click on “Options” adjacent to the product you wish to edit

Via the front end

Locate and view the full detail of the product you wish to edit in the front of your shop. In the admin bar you should see links that make it easy for you to edit that product. Click on “Options” in the admin menu of the page.

Editing the Options

From this page you can edit the pricing, naming and order of the options on this particular product.

We’ll use the below image to outline each part of the page and what you can edit:

Managing your product optionsa) Master Product – The product item in bold is the master product which was created on the “Content” tab. This is your main Product Heading and price, the options under this are all additional options created for the product.

b) Option Name – The option name is what will appear in the Drop Down box on your Category Pages and Product Detail pages. Keep this shorter so that the drop down boxes aren’t really wide.

c) Option Code – You can set individual Product Codes for your options or keep them the same as the Master Product.

d) Pricing – You can quickly and easily update the pricing of all the options on this page. You may have product options at a different price to the Master Product. The prices are totals, and not in addition to the Master Product.

e) Shipping & Active Indicators – The icons in these columns tell you which what product options are Active and Inactive (hidden) and which options have Shipping switched on and Shipping switched off.
The grey cross represents OFF and the blue tick represents ON.

If an item in the Active column is OFF, it won’t be viewable in the website.

If an item in the Shipping column is OFF, this item will not require any shipping and will proceed through the cart without any shipping being required for it’s part in the order.

f) Ordering Options – The options are ordered by Alphabetical order by default, if you wish to change this order, enter numbers from the lowest to the highest to order the Product Options in your drop down menu.

g) Copy options – When creating new options, the COPY button helps you create a new options quickly and easily, once you have copied the option, a new row will appear and you can simply edit that new option to suit.

h) Editing Options – with the Bulk Actions drop down you can:

– Switch shipping on or off on options
– Activate or deactivate options
– Delete product options

To apply the action you first have to tick the adjacent checkbox to the product, then select your intended action from the drop down and press “GO”.

Editing Product Options

To edit any Option Name, Product Name, Option Code, Price or Order, make your changes within the page and press UPDATE once you’re happy with all the changes. NOTE: you can do this for all the options at once rather than one at a time.

That should be it! If you have any questions please ask in the comments below.


Please feel free to ask a question if anything in this tutorial needs further explanation. Others may benefit from the question you have.

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