Wish Lists

To enable the Wish List in your website go to your Admin dashboard and click on:

System > Configuration

Find the section for Wish List and tick the box to display wish list links in your site.



Use the “Label” section to change the label of your wish list in your shop to anything you like.

How it works

A link will be added to your products that allow shoppers to save a list of products they are interested in without adding them to their cart.

A link to this list will need to be added to your template if it isn’t automatically included with any of the template elements you’re using. The link is http://[InsertYourDomain].com.au/wl

Guests will be able to create wish lists and will only have these available for 30days. If guests wish to keep their wish lists for longer they will need to create a user account, login and store their favourites under this account.

If you have any questions or need help setting this feature up. Please contact us!


Please feel free to ask a question if anything in this tutorial needs further explanation. Others may benefit from the question you have.

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