Communication Features

Subscribers/Email Addresses

  • Import and export email addresses and subscriber information from CSV (Excel) files
  • Assign email addresses to one or more distribution lists either by manually selecting or importing the email addresses in to relevant lists
  • Fully flexible management of subscriber lists
  • Automatically subscribe email addresses from a form on your webiste or customise the inbuilt subscriber Sign Up form to suit your company.
  • Unsubscribes automatically handled via a system generated link the newsletter
  • Allow subscribers to manage their preferences via a system generated link in the newsletter


  • Send HTML or plain text emails
  • Step by step process to create your email campaign which you can pause at any point and which guides you through:
    • Associating your newsletter with a specific pre-built design
    • Writing your newsletter via an inbuilt Visual Editor
    • Proofing your email campaign
    • Assigning your email campaign to be sent to one or more Subscriber Lists or everyone on your database
    • Confirming the send of the email newsletter
  • Unlimited design templates enabling you to send out email campaigns with different looks and feels
  • Optional, system generated link to allow subscribers to view an online version of your email.


eComMetrix Communication tells you:

  • Which subscribers opened your email
  • Which subscribers clicked on a link in your email
  • Which link they clicked on
  • Overall results of your email marketing campaign such as the amount of Emails Sent, Emails Opened, Links Clicked, Unsubscribers
  • 7 day activity report of campaigns that you’ve sent

Useful Features

  • Batch delete of email addresses
  • Batch unsubscribe of email addresses
  • List of unsubscribers to match up to your external CRM
  • Abililty to store external CRM ID for easy import and export of data
  • Receive alerts of subscribes and unsubscribes
  • Customisable sign up form

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