eComMetrix Commerce Features

Product Management

Your eComMetrix shop allows you to:

  • Create and control an unlimited number of product categories with unlimited hierarchy
  • Export all product details to CSV file format (able to be opened in excel)
  • Import all product details via a CSV file. This allows you to batch edit products locally on your computer then upload them to your site
  • Manage product types with customisable fields for each type of product (Ie. DVDs, Books, TShirts)

Manage all aspects of your product range including important items such as:

  • Product codes, product names and product categories
  • Product thumbnail and larger details images
  • Optimise your product page for search engines with the ability to customise your page URL, TITLE tag, DESCRIPTION and META tags.
  • Write and create visual or HTML content relevant to each product
  • Attach pdfs or zip files to your product that will be automatically emailed to the purchaser on payment

Additional you may:

  • Enable or disable shipping for your product (see Shipping Features)
  • Add one product to multiple categories
  • Associate products with each other for a “Recommended Products” section on your product pages
  • Allow product options to be created per product eg. White, Red, Yellow Medium TShirts

XML Data Feeds

eComMetrix commerce has data feeds available to such product directories as:

  • Shop Mania
  • Get Price
  • Shop Bot
  • More available on request

User Management

Your eComMetrix shop can have an unlimited amount of registered users who can log in to the system at see their orders and manage their details. In addition to this you may:

  • Create groups of users and give these groups a shop discount per product or across the whole shop
  • Import and export users
  • Create administrative users who can help you edit your shop
  • Create customers as users so that their shipping and billing details can be kept on record for easy ordering

Amongst the features of user management is the ability to control the way your products are accessed. Your shop can have the following 3 setups:

  1. Access is open to the public as well as registered or logged on users
  2. Users must log on before againing access to your shop and viewing and purchasing products
  3. Product prices can be switched off for the public and only avialable for registered and logged in users. This enables people to see your products, however not see your prices. Your site then becomes more of a brochure site than a shopping cart site

Shop Management


All aspects of an order are creatable or editable, including:

  • Customer details
  • Shipping and billing details
  • Internal company notes on the order
  • Update and keep a dated history of Order Statuses (eg. transitioning from Placed to Paid to Shipped etc)

As well as editing orders you may take the following action for each order:

  • resend or reset downloadable material
  • send a predefined status email to the customer for the progress of their order (see Order Status Management)
  • print the order
  • print a shipping docket for the order

Orders may be searched for based on the following criteria or combinations of criteria:

  • order number
  • keyword search
  • placed between a time period
  • with selected order status(s)
  • containing a product(s)
  • with a certain shipping type
  • payment method
  • shipping country

With the above search criteria you are able to product reports that enable you to:

  • Lookup orders that need to be shipped
  • Print a list of what stock is required to be shipped (stock report)
  • Produce shipping labels for your orders that need to be dispatched
  • Lookup outstanding payments

Order Statuses

System statuses that enable you to track your orders are:

  • Open carts
  • Placed
  • Paid
  • Shipped
  • Cancelled

Additionally you can create your own statuses to file orders under. With creating and editing your orders statuses is the ability to:

  • Flag the status as a paid status
  • Activate or deactivate statuses
  • Create a template email that is sent to the customer when an order is marked as this status (the sending of the emails is managed within the Order Management area)


View carts that have been created on your site and see what products they contain. If the customer is a registered user you will know who has the opened a cart but not submitted it yet. If the customer is a guest however, you will only have as much information as they have submitted on your site. The open carts section will help you identify your shops conversion rate of carts to sales, and help you assist your customers with any problems they may potentially have submitting an order.


  1. Product Sales Summary
  2. Product Sales Detail
  3. Monthly Sales
  4. Cart Conversion
  5. Shipping Report


Create and manage options for your customers to select the type of shipping they want. Options could include:

  • Australia Post
  • Express Post
  • Overseas Shipping Courier
  • Free Pickup

Within these shipping types, you can configure rules that change the price of the shipping options based on:

  • the total price of the order
  • the weight of the order
  • the amount of items in the order

If a customer orders products that are flagged as not requiring shipping, or that are internet delivery (ie. downloadable files) no shipping options will be displayed for the order.

Payment Gateways

Configure and allow customers to pay for their orders one or more of the following options:

  • Direct Debit
  • Cheque
  • Manual Payment (you ring the customer to follow up payment)
  • Paypal
  • Credit card through one of the major Credit Card payment gateways.

Gateways that are currently running on eComMetrix commerce and require no development are:

  • Commonwealth Bank  ComWeb Payment Gateway
  • NAB – National Secure Internet Payment Service
  • ANZ eGate Payment Gateway
  • Bendigo Bank  Payment Gateway
  • Westpac Payment Gateway
  • St George Payment Gateway
  • Paymate
  • eWay
  • Verisign

If you wish to use a payment gateway not listed above, contact us and we can add your payment gateway to the list.


Define currencies that customers may view your shop in and configure the conversion rate of that currency.


Define what countries you will ship to from your shop. Any orders that require shipping to a country you do not sell to will not be able to submit their order.


Search for and export all the contact details of people who have ordered from your site.

System Management








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