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Horse Books – Stephen Walters

It’s only half-way through September and has taken-off. Just shows what a decent website platform can do!

DLS Books

Can you please thank your IT person, I got a nice surprise today with the internet orders where the price dropped into our library system in the correct way, you don’t know how much easier this makes my life. So thank you very much!!

Tizzie Hall – Save Our Sleep­­®

For me it is vital to have a partner and specialist, who will not only offer outstanding design capability but the expertise to ensure that my ever expanding and growing websites will always be easy to navigate around so my sleep deprived clients can get the help they need. Felicity

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Mix N Match Maternity – Mark Kalbstein

Thank you so much for all your effort, you have been amazing. I am sure that this will lead to lots of work for you, as we will tell everybody how great you have been, and your work speaks for itself.

Blue Sky Fitness – Amanda Ferguson

I was told about Felicity from a friend and what a great job she does. I am SO glad that I made the call to get my website changed over to WordPress. Felicity did such a great job with changing it over, it is easy to use and she is

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